Golden Dragon Token (GDT)

Step into the future with Golden Dragon Token (GDT) – the key to transformative digital finance. GDT isn’t just a token; it’s an innovation in blockchain technology, unlocking financial empowerment for all.


Golden Dragon

“Making a lot of money” in the cryptocurrency market.


Golden Dragon Token (GDT) is at the vanguard of financial evolution, offering a secure, efficient, and inclusive way to transact. Our mission is to make blockchain an everyday reality, accessible to all, reshaping how we view and use money in a digital world.


Our robust tokenomics are crafted to support a flourishing GDT ecosystem. We prioritize balanced growth and community rewards, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous digital economy.

Dynamic Token Distribution

8,888,888,888 Billion

Maximum Total Supply


Contract Address

Launch Price

 $0.01 USD per GDT – Unlocking potential for all

Trading Pairs

BNB, BUSD, USDT – Diverse avenues for investment

Golden Dragon Token

Token Name







Token Sale Dynamics

Strategic Pre-Sale 20%

A unique chance for early investors to join the GDT mission.

Airdrop Launchpad 10%

Widening GDT’s reach and community base.

Golden Dragon Token

Community Empowerment 60%

Rewarding engagement and building loyalty.

Ecosystem Fund 10%

Strengthening our platform’s infrastructure.

Liquidity Pool 10%

Ensuring a smooth market experience.

Founders’ Circle 8%

Rewarding our dedicated visionaries, aligned with GDT’s growth.

Exchange Partners

“Golden Dragon Token (GDT) is proud to be supported by premier exchanges globally. Our exchange partners are pillars that extend the reach of GDT, providing you with seamless trading experiences. Look for the GDT on the following platforms:”


Charting GDT’s path with precision, our roadmap showcases the ambitious steps towards establishing GDT as a cornerstone of the digital economy. We are focused on innovation, community building, and global expansion.

2024: Foundation and Launch

Q1: The inception of GDT and security fortifications.
Q2: The launch of our strategic pre-sale and partnership initiatives.
Q3: GDT’s debut on prominent exchanges, marking a new chapter in finance.

2025 and Beyond: Growth and Expansion

  • Market Expansion: Broadening GDT’s presence and utility.
  • Platform Enhancement: Continual upgrades for a superior user experience.
  • Community Development: Nurturing a thriving GDT community.

How To Buy

1. Step: Install Metamask for Chrome

Go to Metamask (CLICK HERE) and install the Chrome extension. Follow their steps from the guide and finish the setup.

2. Step: Send BNB to Metamask

Once you have setup metamask, you can send BNB from an exchange like Kraken, Coinbase or Binance to your Metamask address.

3. Step: Connect to Pancakeswap

Go to Pancakeswap.Finance and click the “Connect” button. When Metamask asks for your signature, go ahead and sign it.

4. Step: Swap your BNB for $GDT.

Now you can swap your BNB for $GDT. Click on the Swap Button to finalize your trade.

GDT Core Team

Guided by a team of industry experts, GDT combines visionary leadership with technical prowess and marketing ingenuity to build a cryptocurrency that stands the test of time.

Princess Ameerah


Steering GDT with a decade of fintech expertise.

Gray Tee


Ensuring GDT’s technological excellence and security.

Jake Moon

Marketing Director

Amplifying GDT’s global presence through innovative marketing strategies.

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